Tips for Getting Hired in the Michigan Cannabis Industry

The boom of Michigan’s cannabis industry is right around the corner and local dispensaries are going to be in need of people who have a passion for cannabis.

Because the cannabis industry is so specialized, dispensary owners will be seeking a particular type of person to help them launch, manage, and grow their dispensaries so that the end customer can feel confident in their products and service.

Let’s take a deep dive into what hiring manager will be looking for in the personnel they plan to place in their dispensaries:

Tips for Getting a Job in the Cannabis Industry

  1. Retail experience.  Dispensary owners will be seeking people who have deep retail experience to work in and operate their dispensaries.
  2. Reliability.  Having good references that can speak well of your promptness, attention to detail, and trustworthiness will go a long way in opening doors for you.
  3. Professionalism and maturity.  How you carry yourself during the interview process, your communication skills, and how you have handled challenges in past positions will be important hiring factors.
  4. Teamwork.  Your ability to consistently perform your job tasks as a member of a team will be an important hiring factor.
  5. Customer Engagement.  Have the ability to give customers a positive, engaging experience when visiting a dispensary that motivates them to return is a desirable characteristic in any candidate.

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About THC123

THC123 was founded in 2017 out of the need for cannabis businesses owners in Michigan to have professionally managed HR services, and, to help maintain compliance with the important regulations established by the state of Michigan for the industry.  More information about the services provided by THC123 can be found at

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