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THC123 Provides Cannabis Companies with Job Placement Services

Building a Cannabis Business From The Ground Up

If you are interested in a career in the cannabis industry, begin your journey at

Anthony Sabatella, CEO of THC123, shares details on his company that provides payroll, employment and insurance products for Cannabis businesses throughout Michigan.

THC123 has launched a new CannaJobs board for anyone wanting to work in the booming and legal Cannabis Industry in Michigan. It offers one-stop shopping and job listings are free for employers.

In the webinar, Cannabis Connection Founding Member and Founder of THC123, Anthony Sabatella, talks about developing a staff plan for your cannabis business. In this webinar, Anthony talks about what the state expects to see as part of a staffing plan and gives valuable tips for figuring out how many employees or managers you should hire. He also discusses what goes into building a staffing plan, such as job descriptions, hiring procedures, employee training, maintaining personnel files and day-to-day operations.

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