About Us

THC123SM is an employee solutions company based in Metro Detroit that was created in 2017.  We handle the following aspects of business administration for our valued clients:

THC123SM provides HRO business solutions for companies of all sizes. We help Cannabis related businesses with the ever-growing burdens of governmental compliance and business administration. We help our customers by providing solutions to these problems which allow business owners to grow their business and bottom line.

Mission Statement

THC123 is an Employment Solutions company whose goal is to solve problems and provide solutions for businesses in Medical Marijuana industry. We look to provide outsourced HR services to any and all businesses that can benefit from our services. We strive to connect our clients with talented employees that they are proud to call their staff. We look to take the administration out of business so our clients can concentrate solely on helping other people through their business function(s). We look to destigmatize the marijuana user yet create fair policies for businesses through compromise between patients and business owners. We aim to be the model employer and benchmark for others industry leaders to follow.