Why Choose Us

THC123’s staff has assisted us in many ways!  With having them deal with our employment issues, it has given us much more time to concentrate on the pieces of our business that really matter to our clients.  With our employee matters being dealt with professionally and efficiently, we are able to provide a better service to our customers.

Cheryl C., Office Manager, Michigan

The staff at THC123 is extremely knowledgeable and user-friendly.  They have helped us solve employment problems relating to our multi-state operations which spans Michigan, Nevada, and California.  With THC123 handling our transactional HR we can concentrate on what matters most – our bottom line.

Mark H., Senior VP – Michigan, Nevada, California

I had the ability to work with THC123’s management team for over two years.  They were able to provide valuable Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation solutions to our company to help keep our employees injury free and in the workplace.  Our mutual commitment to safety has driven down costs and provided a wonderful environment to work in.

Don S., Executive Vice President – California